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Utorrent for windows 10 for free uTorrent for Windows

This means that your data will be protected from hackers and other malicious third parties. As a bonus, since your online activity is hidden, your ISP won’t throttle your speed or get the chance to spy on you, either. Without using a VPN, your internet service provider can track all your online activities. This means that your ISP can also see whether you’re torrenting or not. It’s riskier than you would think to search for a torrent site on Google.

  • That’s why uTorrent has added malware and virus blocking features, but only in its premium products.
  • This helps to increase the availability of files on the network and improve the overall download speed for all users.
  • In general, P2P file-sharing and magnet links are not always prohibited.

You can also use the seed/peer list to see authentic tracker updates on popular, verified, and safe. The more seeds a file has, the less likely it is to have a problem. The Pirate Bay is easily the largest and most famous of all safe torrent websites, and if you’ve heard of torrenting, the chances are you’ve heard of this website. While the site is continuously taken down and banned worldwide, new websites are put up seemingly instantly. Inbuilt virus, malware protection is coming up with the Pro versions.

Importance of Holding BTT

The examples of illegal torrent file include movies, songs, music files, Ebooks, games, and software, etc. And it’s not just the downloaded software from BitTorrent that poses a risk, the torrent websites themselves try very hard to get extra stuff installed on your system as well. Most time spent on those websites is spent fighting off pop-ups and redirects, each presenting you with tons of fake Flash Player update alerts, scare tactics and more. Few Users report, uTorrent not opening or launchingespecially while trying to download huge files. It seems like uTorrent is already running, but not responding.

We highlighted some security concerns tied to the use of uTorrent. If you want to avoid those concerns, here is a list of tips on how to use uTorrent safely. Depending on your country’s law system, downloading pirated content may or may not be punishable by law. There are numerous ways to bypass these laws, but if you want your conscience to stay clean, avoid downloading illegal content. Crypto miner, like its name suggests, allows for the mining of cryptocurrencies using your computer resources.


The only good way to avoid this scenario is to use a VPN, and only one of the best VPNs, at that. Examples of legal sites include Public Domain Torrents and the indie site Vodo, among others. Since that time, lawsuits have been replaced by copyright trolls who are authorized to act on behalf of copyright holders. This is where we answer common questions about qBittorent safety, how to use qBittorrent, and more.

You can monitor the progress of the download in your uTorrent Client. First, you will need to decide which files you would like to transfer. To do this, open uTorrent and select the content you would like to download. Once you have chosen the files you would like to transfer, click the green “Download” button at the bottom of the page. Depending on the size of the file, the download may take a few minutes or several hours to complete. Under Protocol encryption, select ‘Enabled’ to enable the use of magnet links in uTorrent.

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